IT Infrastructure Engineer

IT Infrastructure Engineer, you are responsible for recommending the architecture and specifications of Backup system, Servers and Storage to be utilized by all business or support applications. This  includes recommendation, installation, availability, proper performance (capacity management) and service continuity of Backup, servers and network storage.
You will also, be responsible for software updates for the backup system and security configurations of Operating Systems, and ensure availability of separate environments for production, testing and business continuity.

You are open-minded, passionate and the way you work energizes others. You are committed to the timely delivery of a job well done. You behave with integrity and transparency.
Key Responsibilities

• Install and configure new servers and storage as well as grant users and applications accesses when required.
• Diagnose and Identify problems that can affect service availability or performance.  Assure technical service for installed equipment
• Keep updated inventory of hardware, configurations, locations and purpose
• Ensure there is updated backup for Data and Image for all systems.
• Propose and recommend the architecture to be utilized in Tigo for Servers and Storage, define capacity expansions and requirements for new projects and applications.
Position Requirements

• University degree preferably in Information Technology- Systems / Computer Sciences-Engineering, Electronics/Telecommunications
• Certified CCNA, LINUX
• Knowledge in back up administration
• A minimum of 5 years related experience
• Ability to work under tight deadlines with minimum supervision
•  Fluent in English and Swahili Language both spoken and written