Sustainability Associate
Ref: STA/09/2015
The Sustainability Associate will play a central role in defining, implementing, and monitoring The Academy's sustainability initiatives to drive resource
Key responsibilities include developing, managing and tracking sustainability and business development initiatives of the Academy.
Faculty Assistant
Ref: FA/09/2015
This role provides administrative to all teaching members of staff.
Technology Coach
Ref: TC/09/2015
The primary focus of the Technology Coach is to enrich and support teaching and learning by strengthening the technology skills of students, teachers and staff.
Senior Teachers
Ref: STE/09/2015
Under the supervision of the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Senior Teachers will be responsible for planning, preparing and delivering the curriculum and monitoring student progress to determine enhanced learning experiences.
Ref: TE/09/2015
Teachers support, observe and record the progress of their class. They also plan lessons in line with national 8-4-4 curriculum, with the aim of ensuring a healthy culture of learning.
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Faculty
Ref: LEF/09/2015
While the holder of this role will have similar responsibilities as the other teachers, primary focus of this role is to develop curriculum, course and delivery support material to teach leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
Student Enterprise Manager
Ref: SEM/09/2015
The Student Enterprise Manager will be responsible for growing the business development function of the Academics Department.
Head of Technology and Learning Innovation
Ref: TLI/09/2015
The primary role of the Head of Technology and Learning Innovation is to lead innovation in the area of design and technology-enhanced pedagogy in teaching and learning.
School Nurse
Ref: SN/09/2015
The School Nurse is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and operating the Academy clinic.
Head Coach
Ref: HC/09/2015
The Head Coach will be responsible for coaching and providing direction to student athletes so as to achieve a high level of skill as well as an appreciation for discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork in various sports.
Wellness Coach
Ref: WC/09/2015
The Wellness Coach will coordinate the Academy's health and wellness program for students, faculty and staff.
Director of Student Life
Ref: DSL/09/2015
In addition to serving as a faculty member, the holder of this role also provides oversight and support for all student activities carried out within the Academy campus.
Ref: CHF/09/2015
Under the supervision of the Catering Manager, this position is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school kitchen.
Ref: CKS/09/2015
The key role of the cook is to assist in the implementation of the school menu
Farm Staff
Ref: FS/09/2015
The Farm staff will be responsible for all practical and manual work on a farm.
They should have the ability to do hard physical work and will need practical skills and knowledge.
Human Resource Associate
Ref: HRA/09/2015
The Human Resource Associate will provide support in the various human resource activities, which include recruitment, training and development, performance monitoring and HR Administration for The Academy.
Ref: ACC/09/2015
The accountant will be responsible for performing overviews of the financial operations of The Academy in order to help it run efficiently.
Farm Manager
Ref: FM/09/2015
The Academy has established a mixed farm that will serve to provide the opportunity for students to engage in farming activities not only as part of the academic requirements but also to enhance their entrepreneurial. It will also ensure sustainability of the Academy by providing food for the students.
Catering Manager
Ref: CM/09/2015
The Catering Manager will be responsible for the creation of a healthy diet for students and staff.
ICT Manager
Ref: IT/09/2015
The ICT Manager will be responsible for all technical aspects of ICT at The MPESA Foundation Academy, including network system management, internet provision and PC support, managing a team of ICT support staff responsible for maintaining all ICT systems.
Head of Security
Ref: HOS/09/2015
The Head of Security will be responsible for delivering round the clock security and safety of all buildings, all property and equipment of The Academy and provide safety to all educators, learners, staff, contractors and visitors.
Head of Finance
Ref: HF/09/2015
The main purpose of this role is to coordinate the development of the Academy’s budget, oversee implementation and design controls to allow for monitoring.
Director of Operations
Ref: DO/09/2015
The Director of Operations has overall responsibility for the operational departments of the school; Finance, Admissions, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities, Catering and Security.
How to Apply
The ideal candidates must embody Excellence, Responsible Citizenship, Curiosity, Accountability, Leadership and Innovation - the values that will drive life across all elements of The Academy for educators, learners, and staff.
If you have the relevant qualifications and experience, please email a cover letter and your CV quoting the reference number of the job you are applying for in your email to on or before 2nd October 2015 addressed to:
The Director
Executive Selection Division
Deloitte Consulting Limited
Email :
Nairobi, Kenya.
About us: The vision of the Academy is to develop transformational leaders through innovative approaches to education. The core curriculum of the Academy is the 8-4-4 curriculum. The academic concepts shall be covered in exciting and innovative ways.
Great focus will be given to entrepreneurship and leadership, giving the students time to learn outside the classroom, explore the arts and take part in sports.
The Academy will serve talented but economically disadvantaged students with demonstrated leadership potential.
The Academy will cultivate the students’ abilities to innovate irrespective of their academic strengths or weaknesses.
As such, students will work with teachers and one another to design projects that can solve real world challenges. Students who graduate from the Academy will be leaders in their fields of interest such as business, academia, politics, sports and the arts.
They will be the entrepreneurs and community leaders who will drive Kenya forward.