Jobs in Tanzania Dar es salaam at WSU International
Position Title: Private Sector and Trade Specialist
Location: Dar Es Salaam
Start date and duration: October 1 2015 – September 30, 2017

Washington State University (USA), on behalf of USAID/Tanzania, is seeking a Private Sector and Trade Specialist. As a member of the Economic Growth Office
and the Private Sector Unit and will work under the direct supervision of the Private Sector Unit Lead. S/he will be primarily responsible for engaging with the private sector, government and other stakeholders to support the design, development, and management of USAID/Tanzania programs that promote the growth of the private sector in Tanzania and the Trade Africa agenda promoting integrationbetween Tanzania and its regional trade partners.

Scope of Work
The Specialist utilizes an in-depth knowledge of Tanzania’s private sector, domestic trade networks, regional trade sectors and economic growth issues to help USAID achieve high-impact programs. S/hewill contribute to the design and planning for USAID and USG private sectorand trade programs, participating actively in the Mission and USG decision-making process for designingcontracts, task orders, and grants for carrying out Economic Growth programming. The Specialist will also serve as an advisor on private sector engagement and partnership development, and assist the Mission in developing and implementing strategies to leverage financial resources and investments to address USAID/Tanzania priorities.

The Specialist will serve as an Activity Manager for contracts, task orders, cooperative agreements, and grants, managing significantportions of the overall USAID and private sector programming in Tanzania.  S/hewill be required to monitor and evaluate on-going programs, recommend actions and approvals to the Contracting Officer’s Representative and prepare performance reports, annual reporting documents, briefing papers, concept papers, and other periodic documentation for the Mission, USAID/Washingtonand other USG agencies. 

The Specialist will serve as Tanzania’s Trade Africa Point of Contact (POC) for East African Community (EAC) integration and the USAID/Trade Africa team based in Nairobi. S/he will serve as an Activity Manager, working closely with USAID/East Africa/Office of Regional Economic Integration’s Trademark East Africa (TMEA) AOR and East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (EATIH) COR, to advise and coordinate the implementation of these Trade Africa activities in Tanzania.  S/he will work closely with Tanzania’sEAC Ministry, relevant line ministries and the private sector to oversee and guide the TMEA Tanzania bilateral program and EATIH technical assistance (TA) to Tanzania as an EAC Partner State.  The Specialist will serve as the principle contact and counterpart to the EATIH Country Representative based in Dar to jointly develop scopes of work for TA to the Tanzanian public and private sector to advance regional integration and enable intra-regional trade. The Specialist also advises the Mission on issues relating to trade in Tanzania, particularly those bearing on bilateral assistance, USG interests, and regional issues impacting Tanzania.

The Specialist supports the Mission in discussions and negotiations with the Government of Tanzania (GoT), other donors, private sector stakeholders, and implementing partners (IPs) in private sector development and trade meetings. S/he assists USAID staff, including senior managers and visiting USG officials, in sector-related public meetings, field trips, and discussions with Tanzanian and regional officials and partner organizations.  The Specialist establishes and maintains contacts for in relevant sectors such as agriculture, including individuals in the GoT, the EAC Secretariat, private sector and non-governmental institutions, and the donor community.

1.      Work closely with technical teams to develop, monitor and evaluate programs designed to promote private sector investments in Tanzania;
2.      Serve as an Activity Manager for USAID/Tanzania private sector activities;
3.      Support the Private Sector Unit in developing and implementing strategies for effective outreach to local, regional and global enterprises and other potential partners;
4.      Serve as USAID/Tanzania’s primary Trade Africa technical POC, with responsibility for reporting on Trade Africa implementation;
5.      Serve as an Activity Manager for Trade Africa activities in Tanzania, including Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) and East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (EATIH);
6.      Serve as USAID/Tanzania’s lead for engaging with Ministry of East African Cooperation (MEAC) on integration;
7.      Others roles and responsibilities as determined by the Mission.

The specific duties of the Specialist will include, but not be limited to the following:

A.  Private Sector Development: (40%)
The Specialist will work closely with technical teams in the Mission to design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects and activities designed to promote a competitive private sector in Tanzania. S/he will serve as an Activity Manager on projects to expand the role of businesses and business associations in the policy making and regulatory process; build the capacity of enterprises through improved business development services; and expand financing to enterprises in key sectors. The Specialist will support the Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) in coordinating and monitoring these activities through regular meetings with project staff and site visits.

The Specialist will also regularly engage with private businesses, business associations (such as the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) and the SAGCOT Centre), multilateral and bilateral donors and the Government of Tanzania to develop collaborative working relationships and ensure smooth coordination and implementation of private sector development programs. S/he will identify and develop relationships with potential resource partners through formal and informal networking, and will seek out opportunities to develop partnerships to leverage resources from the private sector to address development goals and priorities. The Specialist will coordinate with USAID/Tanzania staff and implementing partners (IPs) to identify project specific needs or opportunities and facilitate information sharing with potential resource partners.

The Specialist will serve as an advisor to the technical team on private sector development and partnership development, and will be responsible for helping to identify and incorporate best practices in enterprise development and financing into new and ongoing economic growth activities. S/he will track developments relevant to the private sector in Tanzania and keep technical teams in the Mission up to date on the latest technical developments, threats and or/opportunities which may impact project implementation.

B. Trade and Regional Integration: (40%)
The Specialist will provide substantive technical support to the conceptualization, planning, implementation and monitoring of the overall Mission trade development strategy and Trade Africa goals and objectives. S/he will coordinate the involvement of IPs and major stakeholders to identify effective trade promotion strategies, proposals for new activities, and determinations of achievable results. The Specialist will track trade-related interventions (of the USG and others) to assist with integrating activities in a complementary manner; coordinates USG activities with other stakeholders; and avoids duplication of effort or work at cross-purposes - both with respect to USG activities as well as work conducted by other stakeholders. To this end, s/hewill develop contacts with, major trade stakeholders including, but not limited to: GoT and EAC ministries; the GoT MEAC; the EAC Secretariat in Arusha; TMEA; private companies and investors; the Trade Africa secretariat in Nairobi;EATIH, private sector advocacy groups (such as TPSF, the SAGCOT Centre, the Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA), etc.) and other stakeholders related to trade.

The Specialist will be the primary point of contact for Trade Africa projects in Tanzania, including EATIH and TMEA. S/he will have responsibility for coordinating the activities of these projects in Tanzania and reporting on the progress of Trade Africa implementation in Tanzania. The Specialist will monitoring and evaluate the progress of these projects through regular meetings with project officials; on-site visits and field trips; and interfacing with the private sector, the EAC and the GoT.

The Specialist will serve as a trade advisor, with a strong knowledge of trade policy; keep abreast of trends and issues in Tanzanian and regional trade; and review and analyze developments and advise Mission management and, as required, Embassy officials, on highly specialized and complex issues relating to trade in the region, particularly those bearing on bilateral assistance or other USG interests. 

C. Other Duties as Assigned or Required: (20%)

Private sector development and trade are cross-cutting sectors and as a result, the Specialist will be required to work on other USAID programming and activities as required in order to help achieve USAID/Taznania development objectives. Work to help achieve broader USAID development objectives includes stakeholder engagement and policy and technical advice. The Specialistwill also assist Mission officials, other USAID staff, and visiting officials in preparing for and participating in field trips, public meetings, conferences, and negotiations with the GoT. The Specialist will occasionally be involved in planning events, managing field activities and logistics.

Preferred experience/attributes:
The applicant should have an advanced degree in agriculture, trade, economics, business, or international development.  S/he should have 5 years substantial experience in private sector development and/or trade-related work in Tanzania.  The applicant should have proven leadership and communication skills and tact to effectively liaison between multiple stakeholder groups.  Knowledge of project development, design, management, and reporting is desirable.

Minimum qualifications:
All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.

  1. Education:  An advanced (Master’s or higher) degree in a relevant field such as agriculture, trade, economics, business, international development or a closely related field is required. 
  2. Prior work experience:  A minimum of 5-7 years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience in business, private sector partnerships, trade or other private sector development areas.  At least two years of this experience should have been in development-related trade work for USAID, other donor agencies, GoT organizations, or private-sector institutions which included private sector or trade project design, performance monitoring, and/or the analysis and interpretation of investment or trade data and trends.  
  3. Language proficiency:  Fluency in written and spoken English and Kiswahili is required.
  4. Job knowledge:  Strong knowledge of the GoT development agenda, initiatives, and priorities for private sector investment, trade and related areas.  A thorough knowledge of issues relating to economic and trade development in Tanzania and the region, especially those of a political or policy nature, and of Tanzania’s strengths and vulnerabilities related to investment and trade is required.  Additionally, the Specialist needs an in-depth and expert knowledge of a broad range of issues on private-sector development and competitiveness.  Knowledge of private sector and tradeissues in Tanzania and the region is required.  Knowledge of strategies, programs, and the working methodologies of other donor agencies in the private sector development in Tanzania is required.
  5. Skills and abilities:  A high level of technical expertise and ability in trade and private-sector development is required.  The Specialist should possess the ability to advise senior Mission management on Tanzanian development issues across a wide range of private sector investment and trade related topics and their implications on USAID programs.  Program design, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation skills are essential.  Proven ability to effectively communicate complicated policy, strategy, and program issues orally and in writing is also required.  The Specialist must have good interpersonal, coordination, and bureaucratic skills, business acumen, and be able to coordinate successfully with all parts of the USAID Mission and Embassy to advance program interests. The Specialist must be able to handle sensitive issues diplomatically and use good judgment in speaking on behalf of USAID in meetings with the USG, the GoT, the EAC, NGOs, and other donors and in conferences, seminars, and workshops.  The Specialist must possess good organizational and management skills.
How to Apply:

Send letter of introduction to accompanied by:
1.      Resume
2.      Certificate of Higher Education
3.      Copy of transcript for Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Program
4.      List of three referees

Deadline for Application: October 10, 2015