Environment and Natural Resources Management Senior Technical Advisor
USAID/Tanzania is seeking the services of an Eligible Family Member (EFM) or a resident hire (U.S. or non-U.S.) with a valid work permit to serve as the Mission’s Environment and Natural Resources Management (E/NRM) Senior Technical Advisor. The position is located in the within a larger Economic Growth Office, comprising of four technical teams; Energy, Feed the Future, Infrastructure and NRM. The NRM Team currently manages an annual budget of $15- 20 million, representing the biodiversity, water and climate change earmarks. The incumbent will be one of five team members on the NRM Team, and will provide leadership and advice on the full range of conservation and development activities and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) functions for the NRM Team. The incumbent will work at a senior level in a high-priority USG foreign assistance program that requires knowledge, experience, maturity, and an ability to function independently under a complex, highly demanding, frequently changing environment. The Senior Technical Advisor will provide managerial oversight and technical advice to support overall programming and the implementation of the USAID’s integrated NRM project activities through a combination of bilateral agreements and buy-ins to the USAID/Washington implementing mechanisms/ agreements. Dependents of U.S. employees or contractors who are currently assigned to Dar es Salaam are encouraged to apply. The grade level of the position is GS-14, and the duration will be for two years with the possibility for an extension, depending on availability of funds.
Major Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Natural Resource Management Programming (60%) - this includes; (a) Serving as a high-level advisor to USAID/Tanzania Mission on policies and regulations that integrate biodiversity conservation and development, in which s/he will keep abreast of conservation and livelihood challenges in Tanzania through Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) programming and environmental policies and provide recommendations for shaping USAID NRM programs; (b) Supporting implementation of the US Executive Order on Combatting Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) by contributing to US inter-agency efforts on countering wildlife trafficking and providing timely and up to date information on CWT-related efforts under the USAID biodiversity portfolio to the Mission, Government of Tanzania, and development partners; (c) Working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism , other Government of Tanzania (GOT) central, regional and district officials, development partners, and implementing partners on issues such as systems strengthening; improved data (ecological monitoring and financial data) for decision making; capacity development; benefit sharing mechanisms; community level financial management and transparency; managerial and business skills; and environmental compliance; and (d) Serving as the Contracting/Assistance Officer’s Technical Representative or Activity Manager for matters pertaining to acquisition and assistance in committing the US government support for the biodiversity conservation portfolio; particularly the landscape scale biodiversity projects.

II. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) (20%) – this includes; (a) Supporting the Economic Growth Office and NRM Team with preparation of key Mission reporting documents as part of the Mission’s annual reporting process, (including Portfolio Reviews, Operational Plans, Project Performance reports); ensuring the NRM Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan is up to date and useful for management purposes; participating in the preparation of Congressional presentations; and synthesizing development learning materials which share lessons learned to appropriate audiences; (b) Preparing key Mission reporting documents as part of the Mission’s annual reporting process, including Portfolio Reviews, Operational Plans, Program Performance reports; ensuring the Performance Management Plan is up to date and useful for management purposes; participating in the preparation of Congressional presentations; drafting technical and congressional notifications; and synthesizing development learning materials which share lessons learned to appropriate audiences; (c) Coordinating monitoring and evaluation efforts with team members, the Economic Growth Office, Strategic Planning and Program Support Office, implementing partners, and others as appropriate; and Undertaking various field trips to monitor implementing partner performance.

III. Management Support (20%) – this includes: Supporting services related to the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of USAID support to the NRM sector in Tanzania as needed which may include but not limited to: (a) developing position descriptions for appropriate staffing of the NRM project and liaising with the Executive Officer on the hiring process; coordinating Temporary Duty (TDY) assignments in support of the broader portfolio; project orientation for new NRM employees and partners; and representing USAID/Tanzania at meetings with interested parties such as implementing partners, other donors, including the Development Partners Group on Environment, Government, USG agencies, and international and local partners; (c) representing USAID/Tanzania at international conferences, and acting as a regional resource in NRM and/or other areas; and (d) working closely with USAID/Washington and USAID/East Africa regional staff as needed.

Position Elements:
a) Supervisory Controls: Work will be performed under the general direction of USAID/Tanzania’s Economic Growth Office, NRM Team Leader. Performance is evaluated annually based on accomplishments.

b) Supervision Exercised: Provides guidance to TDYers, contractors and consultants in the course of implementing approved Scopes of Work (SOW) to strengthen project management and problem-solving skills. Also, s/he will provide technical instructions and guidance to grantees, contractors, and other USAID-funded recipients on issues to facilitate achievement of targets and results according to performance management plans (PMPs). Further, s/he is required to maintain and develop working relationships that sustain two-way communication with implementing partners.

c) Exercise of Judgment: A high degree of judgment will be required to provide guidance and assistance to a wide variety of high-level professionals in the USAID/Tanzania Mission. As a recognized expert and highly qualified professional, substantial reliance will be placed on the incumbent to independently plan, prioritize, and carry out the specific activities entailed in fulfilling major duties and responsibilities. The incumbent will be expected to resolve problems that arise by determining the approaches to be taken and methodologies to be used, and making independent judgments that can be defended as necessary.

d) Authority to Make Commitments: Because the position will be procured through a personal services contract, the incumbent cannot make financial commitments on behalf of the U.S. Government. However, because of the incumbent’s expertise and standing as a highly qualified professional in his/her field, weight will be given to his/her conclusions and recommendations when commitments are made by those with the authority to do so.

e) Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent will maintain contacts and work with USAID staff in USAID/Tanzania, with considerable interaction with USAID/Washington E3 and Africa Bureau staff, to provide policy and procedural guidance and to obtain information relative to programs and activities. Official contacts will be the USAID Mission Director, USAID/Washington staff and other high-ranking USG representatives. Incumbent will also work closely with the Government of Tanzania at all levels, including high level officials, the private sector, as well as the NGO community.

Minimum qualification requirements:
a) Education: A minimum of a Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline such as natural resources management and policy, social science/economics or other field related to international development and/or environment.

b) Prior Work Experience: Minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience working for a U.S. Government agency and/or a development organization, at least five of which were spent in a developing country context supporting development projects. Prior work experience in the region is highly desirable. Experience working in a cross-cultural setting on teams with individuals of varied backgrounds is desired.

c) Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Experience successfully leading natural resource management/economic growth projects and working closely with high-level officials. Strong consideration will be given to prior experience working with CBNRM; Experience in project monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, impact assessment, and reporting.

d) Language Proficiency: Level IV English ability (fluent) is required. The incumbent must possess a high degree of proficiency in both written and spoken English.


Interested applicants must submit the following:
(1) a current Form AID 302-3, Offeror Information for Personal Services Contract;
(2) a current resume or curriculum vitae;
(3) a cover letter, not to exceed three pages, addressing how the applicant meets the Required Qualifications {(a) education; (b) prior work experience; (c) knowledge, (d) skills and abilities}; and
(4) any other documents (certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned, etc) that address the qualification requirements of the position as listed above. Applications should be sent to:
The Executive Officer, USAID/Tanzania,
P.O. Box 9130,
Dar Es Salaam;
or if hand delivered to 686 Old Bagamoyo Road, Msasani, Dar Es Salaam. Please include a telephone contact with the application.