Tutoring Coordinator
Tanzania Private Tutoring
1. Introduction
Private Tutoring is an organization which provides private teaching to college and undergraduate university students taking courses related Public Administration, Political Science and Human Resource Management.
The organization provides three services.
• Assisting students to understand difficult topics.
• Providing students with writing skills which can assist students to effectively write research papers, assignments, tests and university examinations.
• Assisting students to search for relevant course related materials (books and journal articles).
2. Job Description
The company is looking for tutoring coordinators who shall be responsible for the following duties.
• Finding (clients) students who need academic consultation.
• Referring (clients) students to the private tutors.
3. Qualifications
The required candidates for this must possess the following qualifications.
1. Must be a college/university student. The student must be studying courses related to Public Administration, Political Science and Human Resource Management.
4. Instructions
Applications for this position most include the following items;
• Application letter which explains why you should be hired and how you will find clients. The letter should not exceed two pages. The letter should not contain more than five paragraphs. The letter should be typed. The letter should be typed in New Times Roman Font. The size of words should be 12. The space between lines should be double (double space).
• A detailed CV.
• A scanned Students Identity Card.
• Three referees. Include their names and contacts.
• Interested candidates should send their applications to this email: chumaasha@gmail.com
• The deadline of receiving applications is 15th December 2015