Job title E-Referral System Strengthening Consultant

Department Sales & Marketing

Based in Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Reports to the Monitoring Advisor, Sexual and Reproductive Health with a dotted line to the Sales & Marketing director

Who we are

We are Population Services International (better known as 'PSI'), the world's leading non-profit social marketing organization. We work to make it easier for people in the developing world to be healthy by providing access to products and services that range from mosquito nets to HIV testing through private sector strategies. We are a $560m enterprise based in Washington, DC, operating in the private and public sectors in more than 60 countries.

The over 9,000 'PSI'ers' around the world are a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals with an unusually wide range of backgrounds - from the medical industry to the music business - all with unique skills we bring to the job.

Most of our brands have dominant market shares that are the backbone for their health category

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Join us!

PSI Tanzania has recently rolled out an E-referral system to increase the overall effectiveness of the Inter Personal Communication process.

According to the latest demographic surveys, in Tanzania almost one-quarter of young married women & and one-third of sexually active unmarried women reported having an unmet need for family planning. In order to address this tremendous need, PSI uses interpersonal communication agents who are able to reach women in rural and other hard to reach areas to provide information and education. These agents provide referrals to family planning clinics to women interested in receiving a contraceptive method.

Evaluating the different steps leading to a completed referral cycle is critical to understanding the effectiveness of PSI interventions. The Interpersonal Communication Agent (IPC) management team continually seeks to build its analytical capacity with the objective of being Data savvy, interactive, responsive and solution-driven.

We are therefore looking for a Referral systems expert to help build the capacity of our IPC management team to mine, synthesis and utilize data to develop practical solutions that increase the overall effectiveness of the IPC program.