Quality Food Products Ltd. (QFP) is an agribusiness company that is involved in contracting,
financing, and servicing farmers around Arusha to enable mechanized crop production. The company
purchases crop from contracted farmers processes the crop and exports final product to Kenya,
Europe and China. The company currently deals with maize, dry beans, sunflower, and safflower. The
company operates through various stations built near our farmers in Galapo, Lokisale and Orkasmet.
QFP is looking for motivated, driven, well spoken Tanzanians who are interested to join a fast-paced,
challenging work environment. QFP is currently recruiting for the below positions:

Station Administrator (10 open positions)
Department: Accounts/Admin
Location: At QFP farm station.
NB: This opening is NOT based in Arusha. QFP farm stations are located about 200km from Arusha
city and candidates will be expected to live at our stations. Living and food arrangements will be
provided by QFP.

Duties and responsibilities:
a) Invoicing: Recording and tracking sales through invoicing and creating weekly invoice reports;
b) Stock Control: Be responsible for managing outgoing and incoming stock and monthly stock
c) Cash Control: Receiving, disbursing and reconciling of petty cash;
d) Prepare monthly/reporting reporting as required by head office;
e) Work with station staff to manage interactions with farmers
f) Work with station staff to identify, map and measure farm plots
g) Credit Monitoring credit standing of farmers
h) Receive and record crop deliveries from farmer

Minimum Qualifications
a) Completed Bachelors degree. Accountancy, Procurement degrees preferred but not required
b) EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE and USE of basic math.
c) Should be good at computer and internet skills, IT. Be able to use Ms Excel or other
spreadsheet software and send and receive emails.
d) Fluent in Kiswahili and English

NOTE: Requirements (B) and (C) are of utmost importance for a candidate applying.

Salary: Negotiable
Please email application to, or drop off the application at our
address –
BURKA A, Head Office after Coffee Lodge