Acacia Mining seeks to employ
a Commercial Manager based at Buzwagi Mine in Tanzania. This role reports to the General Manager and the role holder will be accountable to ensure commercial effectiveness by maximizing the impact and benefits of the commercial department, including management/cost reporting, supply chain and information technology areas.

This is a fixed term contract role, with the work roster being six weeks on and three weeks off.


• Safety
Visibly supports and drives Acacia Safety Policies and Standards
Visibly integrates safe work practices into Commercial activities

• Management and Cost Reporting
Manage an effective cost control system
Weekly and monthly Management accounting and reporting
Ensure IFRS standards for accounting are met and proper accruals are raised at month-end
Regularly and timely informing of key stakeholders with necessary financial information to meet their needs and expectations to manage their budgets.

• Capital Reporting and Allocation
Compliance with Acacia Capital Management Policy and Capital Allocation Guidelines
Optimize allocation of capital in accordance to the mine site’s Life of Mine Plan
Perform the analysis of the investment criteria
Review Application for Expenditure (AFE) requests that includes proper rationale and financial analysis

• Budgeting & Forecasting
Compile annual budget, short term forecasts and medium term financial plans as directed by the Life of Mine Plan and the management team
Comply with the Acacia budgeting and forecasting system
Develop and execute financing analysis which enables the mine site to execute its Life of Mine Plan of sustainable growth by ensuring that sufficient capital is available in a cost efficient manner with a view to optimise the mine’s Net Asset Value

Supply Chain Management
Identify, assess and recommend commercial opportunities with customers, contractors, and suppliers
Compliance to business commercial standards, procedures and policies that set the guidelines for their implementation and compliance through all departments and units
Deliver a supply plan that satisfies the mine site departments and units
Regular analysis of Supply performance and to work with central supply chain service providers
Ensure that inventory is optimized by utilizing the inventory optimization tool at the right level for maintaining maximum service levels with the support from the central supply team
o Effective warehouse management system to optimize cost and fulfilment time and proper safeguarding of assets
Ensure that all of the mine site’s providers live up to the agreed Service Levels (quantity and quality)
Continuous monitoring and reporting on contractors’ performance and service levels

• Information Technology
Optimize the level of IT services to deliver value/cost ratio
Recommend mine site’s IT service needs and selection of IT solutions in conjunction with the Central IMT services team
Deliver adequate IT Services for all mine site departments and units
Sustainment of mine site Data Centre facilities in conjunction with the Central IMT services team and in accordance with IMT Standard Operating Procedures
Work with the Central IMT team to ensure services levels are met and comply with IMT standards and procedures

• Controls and Cash Administration
Comply with the Acacia internal control framework and code of conduct standards
Ensure that the mine site’s cash needs are met in the short term while balancing the risk
Up-to-date risk mitigation schemes that allow the mine site to fulfill its overall strategy, whilst balancing cost and the need to preserve the mine site’s operating capability against unpredictable setbacks in accordance with the ACACIA financial risk management strategies set by the SLT

• Stakeholder relationships
Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships
Key stakeholders include: Site operational staff, Finance and other functional areas, contractors, local government agencies etc.
• Continuous improvement
Embed a culture of continuous improvement in the department and across the operation
Constantly look at ways of improving the commercial department’s service delivery
• Talent Management
Develop a strongly talented commercial department by ensuring the best people are attracted, developed and retained, with a strong focus on developing capabilities
Develop a succession pool for the Commercial Department
• Managerial Leadership
Embed the ACACIA managerial leadership practices and values in the commercial department


Qualification Requirements:

• Relevant post graduate financial / accounting related degree

Experience Requirements:

• Extensive experience in a similar diversified high level portfolio as described in the profile
• Strong accounting related experience and background
• Experience in a remote site environment will be an advantage

Skills / Knowledge Requirements:

• Strong desire to coach, train and develop people
• High computer literacy is essential and should encompass the following:
MS Excel
MS Word
MS Power point
MS Outlook
MS Access

Application Instructions