Specialist: Underground Mine Geology


The purpose of the role is to provide specialist underground geology support to the Geology Manager by developing and supporting the implementation of underground geology procedures, drilling strategies and reconciliation measures.


  • Qualifications – Postgraduate degree in Geology

  • Experience – At least 10 years’ experience in underground exploration and mining geology, with demonstrated ability to plan underground geology work programs, effectively interact with the mine planning discipline and train and coach staff in underground geology work.

  • Statutory appointments - Nil.   


Planning and Execution
  • Develop exploration and infill drilling strategies for the LOM underground projects at Geita (which include Star and Comet, Nyankanga, Geita Hill as well as satellite deposits that may be included in the plan based on exploration results).
  • Plan and schedule the necessary underground drilling to support mining production schedules.
  • Optimize infill drilling schedules to minimize the delay between development and stopping.
  • Optimize exploration drilling schedules, within available budget, to provide geological information within sufficient time to optimize decline development and medium term LOM options.
  • Influence Mine Planning (in a collateral cross functional relationship) to develop mine designs and schedules which optimize both the geological drilling and mining to the maximum possible extent.
  • Attend weekly and monthly mine planning meetings to provide geological input at the meetings.

  • Provide collateral support to the Exploration Superintendent and the Mine Geology Manager.
  • Provide training and coaching for Underground Geologists.
  • Support the implementation of development plans for Geology candidates with high potential. 

Underground Geology Work
  • Co-ordinate the update of the underground Geology base line risk assessment.
  • Update underground Geology standard operating procedures and guidelines.
  • Perform safety inspections of Geology contractor workplaces.
  • Perform Planned Task Observations on Geology employees.
  • Develop drill plans.
  • Perform geological mapping.
  • Produce monthly reports and project reports to fully document the results of geological investigations and modelling.

Cost Management
  • Develop annual budgets for underground exploration and infill drilling according to the Mine’s business planning timetable.
  • Provide recommendations for the reduction of direct drilling cost.
  • Provide recommendations for mine planning designs that minimize the cost associated with exploration and mining development.

  • Compliance will include, but not be limited to, the following main areas;
  • The Tanzanian Mining Act 2010
  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO14001)
  • AGA policies, standards and guidelines
  • GGM Mine and Geology Departmental Policies and standards
  • SAMREC and JORC codes

  • Commit your best endeavours and full capability to the work assigned to you by your manager.
  • Advise your manager if you do not understand the work they have assigned to you, or if the assignment does not fit with your knowledge of the circumstances, current skills or available time and resources.
  • Advise your manager of any situations or conditions that could create obstacles to, or opportunities for, the work of the managerial team or company.
  • Demonstrate work behaviours consistent with the company values and work within prescribed boundaries, including required behaviours, company policies, standards, procedures and legislation requirements.
The role will report to the Geology Manager.

As per the CAR Projects Remuneration and Benefits model.