Jobortunity is hiring! Are you ready to make a
difference and change the lives of youth in Arusha, Tanzania? Apply for this position: Hi5 Trainer
Jobortunity is a training and career development institute in Arusha, Tanzania. For more than 6 years now, we have been training youth ages 18-25 who are motivated to work in the service industry, into confident professionals with the right attitude and customer service skills that meet employment standards. Jobortunity connects companies that struggle to find professional, well trained staff, to Jobortunity graduates. In all our courses we use our specially designed Hi5 Training method. Jobortunity also offers tailor-made Trainings & Coaching programs to companies for training their staff and helping to bring their service to a higher level.

Job Description - Hi5 Trainer

Hi5 Trainers work with youth (students) who are chosen to join the Jobortunity program, maintain a professional relationship with the students, and act as a guide and advocate. The Hi5 Trainer role is to provide training and support that enables students to be professional, responsible, have positive attitudes, deal with conflict, and communicate effectively. Hi5 Trainers support students and represent Jobortunity in the community, ensuring graduates of the Hi5 Career Development Course know how to present themselves, apply for and keep a job, and are able to obtain fantastic jobs as cooks, waiters, office assistants, clerks, receptionists and housekeepers in high standard companies in Tanzania.

Typical work activities

       Promote Jobortunity and Hi5 Training in Arusha, resulting in applications for the Hi5 Career Development and English Language Courses.
       Respectfully conduct selection exercises and interviews with students in order to assess and review their situation during the trainee selection process.
       Participate in training sessions and assist colleagues.
       Lead training sessions in professional work attitude using the Hi5 method.
       Offer ongoing guidance and coaching support to students.
       Recommend and participate in making decisions about the best course of action for a particular student.
       Interact with a multidisciplinary team of trainers and supervisors.
       Participate in meetings with the team and management.
       Maintain accurate records and prepare reports.
       Take responsibility for developing and implementing the Jobortunity approach in your daily work.
       Support the organisation in other fields when necessary.

Education Requirements and skills

Education Requirement:
Ideally the candidates will have a bachelor’s degree with course work that includes some of the following: sociology, psychology, social science, human growth and development, social welfare and methods of social work. Successful graduates of the Hi5 Training who may not have a bachelor’s degree but have at least 3 years of work experience and are shining examples of the Hi5 standard are encouraged to apply.

Required Skills:
      Ability to do assessments of the learning situation of the student, through observation, active listening and asking questions.
      Ability to analyse a situation, make conclusions and rephrase/summarize it in a way that matches the point of view of the other person. 
      Ability to negotiate, make agreements or compromises to achieve the best solution for different parties (win-win mentality).  
      Ability to confront people with their own behaviour, attitude, opinions, responsibility, in a way that helps them to learn more about themselves.
      Ability to plan, assign and control, to work in a structured way. 
      Ability to effectively manage time, setting goals, having clear action items, managing a busy schedule, being on time to work, training sessions, meetings and appointments.
      Ability to actively participate in meetings and group discussions. 
      Ability to cooperate with other staff as coordination in different work so as to meet specific goals. 
Other relevant skills:
      Ability to speak English and Kiswahili.
      Friendly exposure (eye contact, smiling, respectful).
      Active exposure (walking and sitting straight, firm handshake, using gestures in line with words spoken).
      Professional exposure (clothing, well-groomed, etc.)
      Ethical exposure (not speaking about confidential information, not gossiping).

Please send your application/motivation letter and CV to In case in case of any queries or if you like more information about the position you are most welcome to email us.  There is no deadline for applications as Jobortunity is always open to motivated people. However,  if you want to join the next training of trainers apply asap., Tel: 0742 307 555