Regulatory Officer - LEGAL TZ001
The regulatory affairs officer is responsible for fostering strategic relationship with the regulatory authority, the ministry responsible for the telecom industry, stakeholders in the company and to coordinate correlations with other operators/stakeholders in the industry.
S/NR KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES Advise the company/different business functions in connection with regulatory matters Liaising with the Regulatory Authority and the Ministry responsible for telecommunication in all regulatory affairs Review and keep track of new laws, Regulations, Guidelines and the likes pertaining to the telecommunication industry and identify new obligations Organize different business functions with regards to implementation of regulatory projects or directives Representing the company in various stakeholders engagements on telecommunication issues, Coordinating and attending meetings with the Regulator or other stakeholders in the industry. Defend the company against compliance orders issues by regulators including but not limited to TCRA and the Bank of Tanzania and subsequently prepare the required written submission Actively tracking of all regulatory issues and risks of importance in the industry and allowing the company to be on the front lines in the knowledge of regulatory aspects. Keep records of the minutes, regulatory files and all correspondences made in relation to regulatory affairs, and timely respond to all regulatory quarries. Follow up and make sure that the company complies with all regulatory requirements
JOB CHALLENGES To provide link between the company and external stakeholder in the telecommunication industry. To ensure that there is a sound relationship between the company and all stakeholders i.e. the regulatory authority, Government, Operators and consumers.
QUALIFICATIONS AND TRAINING College or University graduate with a degree in law, public relations or business administration.
WORKING EXPERIENCE At least one year experience in regulatory affairs. MORE AND APPLY