Job Description:

Position Closes October 31, 2016

Shared Placement Personnel with Metropolitan New York Synod


Bukoba, North-Western part of Tanzania
Assignment Includes:

Teach English, grammar and reading.
Give monthly and term tests and exams
Be creative and flexible
Ready to perform what she/he is assigned to do.
Work with the local teachers
Start a Blog to stay connected with Metropolitan New York Synod
Site Information:

Kibeta English Medium School is ten minutes from the town of Bukoba.
The North-Western Diocese offices are nearby. The Diocese is responsible for this school.
To see some more about the position, watch this video put together by the Metropolitan New Synod: English Teacher in Tanzania

Experience and Skills:

A teacher with experience who is ready for teaching in a foreign country.
A teacher who is willing to share their experience with the local teachers.
A teacher who is sociable and appreciates other cultures
Terms and Conditions:

This position is a Shared Personnel Placement with ELCA Global Mission and the Metropolitan New York Synod.
A candidate will get an annual stipend paid by the Metropolitan New York Synod and receive health insurance through the Synod.
Social security is also paid by the Metropolitan New York Synod
Teacher will attend short course for Kiswahili
Tuition for the language school will be paid
Text books: Kiswahili one will be provided.
If Candidate is Married

Both must complete an application for this position, even if the spouse will not be fulfilling a specific role in the ministry. In the context of global mission service, a spouse is seen as a representative of the ELCA and of the receiving church regardless of their actual role. It is important for the ELCA that both members of a couple understand the role of missionary and are comfortable with that reality.

General Qualifications for ELCA Global Personnel

Christian faith and a commitment to the mission of the church
Openness to various expressions of Christian faith and respect for people of other faiths
Respect for beliefs, values and customs of church and culture where assigned
Well-developed inter-personal skills demonstrating understanding and compassion
Demonstrated ability to carry out the responsibilities and the ability to adapt to different standards and practices
Ability to work within the framework of a local administration
Adaptable and flexible - sense of humor - good physical and emotional health
Live and serve in a way which reflects the vision and expectations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Online application,click HERE to Apply