Back ground
Viettel is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom operators that holds a national Network Facilities (NF) license for fixed line and mobile networks and is thought to be looking to roll out a third-generation

 mobile network based on UMTS/W-CDMA technology.  It has been well known as a pioneer who has ushered in a telecommunications revolution in just a few years, transforming telecom services to a commodity for all social classes and to all rural and remote areas. Currently Viettel runs networks in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Peru, Haiti, Mozambique, Cameroon, Burundi & Tanzania
For implementing business plan in 2016 and 2017 and our development strategy, we plan to hold recruitment of talented and excellent candidates who have specialized in Telecommunication, Information Technology and Business.  Duty Stations: Manyara               Available Vacancies



Technical Staff

Diploma or Degree
-          Electronic and Telecommunication
-          Information Technoloy (IT)
-          Information systems

Job description for Technical positions
(1) Ensure the site management safety and working normally
  •   Setup lock for fence, machine room, tank fuel and generator.
  •   Clean the site: inside machine room, fan, the face of equipment.
  •   Check all alarm at site:
Cooperate with NOC to test external alarm 1 time / month: running generator, low battery, rectifier failure or main fail, high temperature, opening door, low level fuel.
Configure the parameter follow regulation
  •   Test and detect problem of battery, to optimize the bank battery follow guideline
  •   Replace, maintenance generator: change oil, fuel filter, oil filter, air filter.
  •   Cover the bolt of antenna mast and container house by fat.
  •   Check the cover of Container house: Check cover of container housing: base, floor, walls, ceilings, roofs are tight, not warping, not peeling paint, not waterproof, not rust.

(2) Ensure the route cable safety and stableness.
ü  Patrolling route cables
ü  To clean the secure corridor of route cable
ü  Periodic to check and evaluate the quantity of transmission network management
(3) Ensure to refuel and handover to collaborator
ü  To organize the team or cooperate with partner to refuel. Then handover to collaborator
ü  Cooperate with Technical Dept. and NOC Dept. to operating and monitoring the running generator of collaborator
(4) Troubleshooting mission
ü  Troubleshooting when loss of electricity in a large area.
ü  Troubleshooting when cable broken


ü  All applicant must be willing to work anywhere in Manyara Region or anywhere in Tanzania (Candidate from Manyara, Arusha and Singida are highly preferred)
ü  Remuneration( Gross Salary) for the above Positions is 450,000TSH per month
ü  Plus Support for transport and equipment’s ranging from 114,274 to 349,170 TSH per month depend on working area/location.
ü   send your CV  ONLY to email  :
ü  CLOSING DATE: 31/08/2016

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