Wash specialist, gender and development specialst,HIV/Aids specialist, health specialist,
human resource assistant, drivers budget officer, planning specialist, education specialist health specialist – voluntary male medical circumsion programme
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UNICEF IS FUNDED entered by the voluntary contributions of individuals, business foundations and government

1. Wash specialist, NO- D DAR ES SLAAM ( for national only)
Job number        4991199
Work type          fixed staff
Closing date        1 October 2016

2. Gender and development specialist
Job number                     498915
Work type                      fixed from staff
Closing date         29 September 2016

3. HIV/AIDS specialist

Job no.                    498874
Work type               fixed from staff
Closing date        30 September 2016

4. Health specialist

Job no.                         498869
Work type                  fixed team staff
Closing date            30 September 2016

5. Human resource assistant

Job no                   498844
Work type             fixed term staff
Closing date        29 September 2016

Job no.                       498929
Work type               fixed team and temporary appointment
Closing date             3 October 2016

7. Budget officer

Job no                        499144
Work type               fixed term staff
Closing date 5       October 2016

8. Planning specialist emergency
Job no                 49914
Work type         fixed term staff
Closing date    5  October 2016

9. Education specialist, NOC ZANZIBAR

Job no                        499021
Work type               fixed term
Closing date        1 October 2016

10.Health specialist voluntary male circumcision program

Job no                    498872
Work type              temporary appointment
Closing date         5 October 2016

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All applicant must submitted to the above link, only shortlisted will b contacted
Source the Guardians 21 September 2016

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