Supply of Aggregates at Central Zone

Lot # Details
1 Supply of Aggregates at Msamvu Substation
2 Supply of Aggregates at Msamvu Substation
3 Supply of Aggregates at Primary Substation, Mzinga,ICO & Tungi
Re-Filling of Aggregates on 220/33kv Yard at Singida Region

Supply of Working Tools at Kidatu Hydro Power Plant
Lot # Details
1 Horizontal Metal Lath Machine with Complete Accessories
2 Drill Machine Complete with Changeable Drill chuck
3 Supply of Lever Block Chain Hoisting 3 Tons.

Supply of Non-Caterpillar Strategic Spare Part at Mtwara Gas Plant
Lot # Details

Supply of Two Motor Vehicles for Rusumo Hydropower Project, Transmission line - Tanzania Side
Lot # Details

Provision of Consultancy Services for Retirement Planning Training Programme for Tanesco Staff
Lot # Details