M&E and Database Manager

DAI is implementing the

Feed the Future Tanzania Land Tenure Assistance activity based in Iringa. This four year project will assist 40+ villages in Iringa and

other Districts to document land ownership including issuance of CCROs, support village land use planning efforts and increase local understanding of land use and land rights. To accomplish the project objectives, DAI seeks to identify individuals able to provide the project monitoring and evaluation function as well as database management and analysis skills.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The project has established a set of 20 performance monitoring indicators along with data collection procedures and a database (proprietary to DAI) for collating data and running reports. The M&E and Database Manager will take the lead in the implementation of this system. The Manager will ensure that required data is collected and entered completely and correctly in a timely fashion. The Manager will also be responsible for conducting data quality checks, preparing and responding to data quality audits, and providing quarterly summaries of results including a basic explanation of any deviations from targets.

Database Management

The M&E and Database Manager will support the field team in data management, quality control and analysis. We anticipate the registration of 50,000+ parcels using spatial and textual data generated by the use of a mobile mapping and adjudication application. Together with the GIS Specialist, the Database Specialist will assist with data cleaning, quality control and analysis. Responsibilities will include the use of QGIS, PostgreSQL and Access databases to manage data queries and analysis of land adjudication records. The Specialist may also participate in training for District Lands Office staff.


·         Minimum of bachelor’s degree in relevant field

·         Minimum of 5 years of experience in the relevant area

·         Availability to work full time in Iringa and participate in field trips to villages and rural communities as needed

·         Good English language communication skills

Deadline for application is: September 18, 2017

Apply Through....

Submit CVs to: LTArecruitment@dai.com with the subject line “M&E and Database Manager”