Stanbic Bank Tanzania is looking for a comptent individual to fill up the position of Assistant Relationship Manager ,Origination within Personal and Business Banking Department.

Job Purpose

To evaluate counter-party credit risks associated with Business Banking lending at the client interface, with the primary objective to contain credit risk within acceptable parameters.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Provision of direct (specialist/ professional) credit evaluation services at the customer interface.
Identifies credit and risk management requirements at the source of the deal negotiation/ business proposal.
Conducts credit evaluation interviews during deal negotiation to obtain sufficient and appropriate information to evaluate business risk and deal variability, from a credit risk perspective.
Declines non-viable deals at source, however, works in partnership with Credit Origination Manager and Relationship Managers to identify alternatives that could bring deals/ proposals within risk acceptable parameters relative to profitability.
Develop high quality credit solutions and recommends appropriate facilities in line with risk evaluation with the view of obtaining fast credit approval from Credit teams.
Presents and defends own judgement and senior credit evaluations to clients in a manner which does not negatively affect the business relationship.
Preparation of credit facility proposal to be presented to BAC, BAC Deal Forum and CMRC to seek for support from the Committees.
Preparation of formal Credit Applications for facility with higher exposure for Credit Decision.
Identifies, quantifies and evaluates sources of risk in relation to profitability of business proposal and financial viability of the corporation as a whole, interrogates information obtained to gain a thorough understanding of business parameters which create profit/ value as well as the associated risks.
Utilises industry risk analysis available to identify and understand contextual threats to existing and potential clients.
Evaluates whether proposals meet sound business criteria and counter-party credit risk falls within acceptable parameters, and recommends appropriate business credit facilities, including terms or conditions of facilities.
Prepares credit applications providing sound financial and business justification for deals/ proposals within acceptable risk parameters relative to the profitability.
Preferred Qualification and Experience

Bachelor Degree in business preferably in either, Accounting, Finance or Economics
More than two years Proven experience in credit role at junior Management level gained within the bank or at other financial institution
Excellent understand of credit and associated risks
Detailed knowledge of credit techniques
Good skills that have been proven in a business or credit environment
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Understanding of the executive banking market and how the businesses in this sector operate

Sound knowledge of Business Banking processes, products and related documentation.

General credit knowledge, including an understanding of securities and balance sheets.

Understanding of behavioural and application scoring systems.

Clear understanding of the busines banking value proposition and delivery strategy.

Basic knowledge of competitor products.

Knowledge of support functions in the business banking markets.

Portfolio knowledge.

Attendance of applicable SBA training courses, e.g. communication skills, product knowledge, credit training, sales skills.

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