We are excited to invite a like-minded teacher to join our enthusiastic, happy, caring team. We are looking to appoint a Preschool class teacher who would also act as Early Years Coordinator for an August 2015 start. The Preschool Teacher will be responsible for a multi age classroom of children 3.5-5/6 year olds. As Early-Years Coordinator you would be responsible for assisting and guiding Nursery Teachers where required.
Are you someone who can offer the following?
  • A desire to ensure every child fulfils their potential
  • High expectations of achievement and behaviour
  • Creative and inspirational approaches to learning and the curriculum
  • A commitment to making a positive difference and puts experience before financial gain
  • A commitment to personal learning and professional development
  • Excitement when faced with a challenge
  • Committed to differentiation and SEN inclusive practice
Do you poses the following skills, qualifications an experience?
  • 5+ years teaching experience, teaching credentials, a degree in education or related field.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English, native English speaker is preferred.
  • Special experience, qualifications and passion for working with young learners 2 – 5/6year.
  • Experience working with multiple ages in one class.
  • Able to write/create learning goals and lesson plans that cater to specific student needs.
  • Can effectively monitor, assess, record and report on pupils' progress
  • Possess secure IT skills
  • Experience living and teaching internationally, preferable in less developed countries.
We can offer:
  • Engaged, lively and creative learners who take pride in their school
  • A strong, forward thinking, collegiate leadership team
  • Highly motivated, supportive and committed colleagues
  • An exceptional learning environment where all pupils can flourish
  • A modest monthly salary – $150 during a trial period of 3 month, increased to $400 - $600 depending on experience. Regular salary reviews and increases depending on work performance and contract commitment.
  • Travel allowance or a housing stipend
  • Work permits/visas
  • Monthly internet allowance for school planning
  • Airport pickup and drop off provided at beginning and end of contract.
  • Ideal candidates will be interested in the experience and making a difference in the lives of Zanzibar's children. Those only interested in a paycheck need not apply.
  • This is a challenging and demanding job but very rewarding for the right teacher. With the right attitude a job at KINS can offer you innumerable personal and career benefits.

How to apply

To apply please send a cover letter and resume/CV via email to the KINS Education Director – Miss Lianne Bettis:education@zanzibarkins.com