Living Soul Foundation Social Worker
Living Soul Foundation (LSF) is a non-profit organization providing shelter for young mothers in distress; to educate, equip and encourage new life as they return to their communities transformed to lead and disciple others to positively impact the next generation. LSF is opening a center in Kigoma region for young girls ranging in age from 10-17 years old for a live-in program of two years. LSF will be providing health education, trauma and spiritual counseling, pre-natal care, health care,
vocational training, and life skills to the girls within the center with the aim to reintegrate into society. The young girls will be living in a safe and secure shelter that will ensure an environment in which they can thrive in and begin to raise their children in. Preparatory assistance through vocational or traditional education is one of the main focuses of LSF so that the young mothers can be self-sustaining once they exit the shelter. An additional focus of LSF is to have a direct impact on the local community through partnerships that focus on family health and issues that have been identified and selected by local leaders as important.
Job Title: Social Worker
Duty Station: Kigoma
Overview of the Job:
The Social Worker will support the development and implementation of LSF strategies and activities in Kigoma. This full-time position will provide social work service to the young girls in the shelter and assistance to the LSF Executive Director. She will be responsible for utilizing professional skills in conducting intake assessments, intervention, and advocacy services. This position requires providing psychological needs and provides care to young pregnant girls in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of the functional and/or developmental and age of the individual served.
Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
•Work in a collaborative team to provide expertise in development of best practices on health and social work practice, policies and strategies, as well as develop evidence-based care management tools and support.
•Work with multidisciplinary team to collect and analyze local measures of health status, access to care, and social services and participate in planning and evaluation.
•Participation in LSF meetings as required per the Executive Director or Shelter Manager’s request
•Performs case management functions for these clients including interaction with client's family, providers and others to obtain/provide information, resolve differences and provide other resources needed
•Establishes and maintains manual and/or computerized and/or programmatic records including resources, information on clients and program status changes.
•Determines job readiness, conducts group or individual orientations and determines sanctions

Qualifications and Experience Required:
Suitable candidate should have an undergraduate degree in Social Work:
At least 2+ years of proven experience with:
•Project Management
•Child development specialization
•Logical framework approach
•Report writing
•Multicultural team interaction
•Proficient in English and Kiswahili

Application Instructions:
•Please include previous employers, CV contact information, proof of degree, and three personal references.
•Applications in English must be sent through email to
•Closing date for applications is July 3rd, 2015
•Please send us your application only if you meet the mandatory qualifications as mentioned above.
Job Category
Ngo, Community/Social Development /legal
undergraduate degree in Social Work
Company Name
Living Soul Foundation
Apply To
July 3rd, 2015