Mission: Restore is a US based non-profit providing surgical care to patients in developing countries. Mission: Restore trains local surgeons in reconstructive surgery to address the critical global health burden caused by traumatic injuries. By training local surgeons to meet the needs of their own communities, we create a sustainable infrastructure where long-term impact is made.
Mission: Restore Fellows are critical to accomplishing our mission and are valued members of our team. Mission: Restore Fellows have a unique opportunity to observe global health challenges firsthand by working directly with Mission: Restore field partners. The Mission: Restore Fellowship is designed to increase Mission: Restore's impact and offer participants a unique insider experience in the global health/non-profit world. The position is volunteer-based and fellows work independently for a minimum of 3 months reporting directly to the Executive Director.
Fellows are the eyes and ears for Mission: Restore on the ground, and are instrumental to Mission: Restore's operations. Fellows help to further Mission: Restore's work by strengthening partnerships, improving processes, scaling new initiatives, while connecting Mission: Restore's staff to partners in the field. Fellows also share their insights and stories from the field through photos, articles and social media. Fellows fulfill a core set of deliverables laid out in a personalized work plan that is developed by Mission: Restore with input from key stakeholders. We aim to leverage the unique skill set of each Fellow to accomplish key tasks crucial to maximizing impact and furthering the work of Mission: Restore.
Core Responsibilities The scope of work will vary based on the Fellow's skill set, geographic placement and current priorities of Mission: Restore. However core responsibilities may include the following:
Needs Assessment
  • Observe, learn and document the field partner's operations
  • Make recommendations on how Mission: Restore can best work within existing systems or improve systems where possible
  • Collect, analyze, and evaluate data to help improve surgical outcomes
  • Interview partners to assess impact of surgical training
  • Provide feedback through field reports
  • Create content to help tell the story of Mission: Restore's impact in the field
  • Contribute content through writing articles, blogs and social media
  • Capture images and video footage to be used for marketing
  • Identify new partner hospitals and surgeons
  • Conduct field-based research and analyze findings
  • Document best practices and learnings
  • Coordinate logistics for surgical missions
  • Oversee logistical and technical aspects of skype calls with local partners and US staff
  • Assist the Executive Director with administrative tasks related to field site
Job Location
  • The hospital the fellow will be working in is in Mwanza, Tanzania
Required Skills/Experience
  • High degree of flexibility and problem solving abilities
  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently
  • Ability to adapt to new cultures and be flexible in new, challenging environments
  • Dedication to working in the field
  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Ability and commitment to fund the experience
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Enthusiasm and commitment for the work of Mission: Restore
Desired Skills
  • Bachelor's degree, Master's degree a plus
  • Background in international development, global health, medicine, data analysis
  • Overseas experience, preferably in developing countries
  • Knowledge of Swahili is plus
  • A stipend will be provided
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How to apply

To Apply
  • We are looking to fill this position immediately
  • Email your resume and one paragraph (300 words or less) explaining why you want to be a Mission: Restore Fellow to . Include the dates you are available.