The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) is focusing on increasing the outreach and service quality of its Energy products for Tanzanian people. Next to its current passion as a leading provider of electricity is to be more efficient customer focused utility for Tanzania and beyond. The Company has the largest electricity generation, transmission and distribution network in Tanzania. In order to reach its goals, the Company is investing heavily in its generation, transmission and distribution network, its business systems and human capital.
TANESCO now invites applicants to fill the under-mentioned posts at Dispensaries located at Kihansi, Mtera, Kidatu and Pangani Hydro Power Plants. The Dispensaries provide general medical and obstetric services to its employees and dependants, as well as the outlying catchment area.
Reporting Office: Head Office

Conducting Technical Audits including and without limitation; meter & billing audits, project management audit, performance & operations audit and inspection of construction materials.
The work involves, compliance check, assessing governance and risk management process.

He /She will be responsible for:
Assessing the effectiveness and compliance to controls over metering; billing and revenue protection processes. .
Verifying adherence to controls and procedures over operation and maintenance activities on generation, transmission and distribution systems
Assessing controls over project management process
Ensuring that, Service Lines, Repair and Maintenance; and networks expansion works are carried out in accordance to Engineering Instruction and Approved Technical Standards. .
Assessing compliance to regulatory rules and regulations, including customer service charter, EWURA, PPA, NEMC, Health and Safety rules, etc.
Advising on technical education required on matters relating to metering and billing
Identifying technical and billing risks and providing key input to development of the annual audit plan
Performing audit procedures, including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing documents and process, analyzing evidence, conducting interviews, prepares working papers and documenting audit work. '.
Drafting audit reports expressing opinions of the adequacy and effectiveness of controls, over processes under review and develop recommendations for possible improvement or remedial measures
Providing or assisting in providing training, coaching, and guidance to internal audit staff in conducting audits and other audit-related issues. .
Performing related- work as may be assigned by Internal Audit management.

Holder of B.S.C (Electrical Engineering) from an accredited college or university.
Experience in full-time engineering works OR Technical auditing and investigation skill will be an added advantage.
Medical Doctor-x 4
Reports to Plant Manager
Reporting Office : Kihansi, Mtera, Pangani and Kidatu
Specific attributes for the positions to be filled:

All Candidates must:
Demonstrate impeccable performance track record;
Demonstrate highest degree of integrity, credibility, and character;
Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
Be self-driven, motivated, hardworking and capable of working with minimal supervision;
Be capable of delivering excellent results while working under pressure with tight deadlines;
Possess knowledge and competency in related field;
Organizing, Planning and Problem solving skills;
Good team player;
To examine, diagnose, treat and advise patients in a professional manner and supervise staff and all activities at the Dispensary.
Conduct examinations and analyze records, reports and test results to provide iaformatlon on patients' medical condition..
Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy', medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness,· disease, or injury to patients. '
Monitor patients' condition and progress and re-evaluate treatment as necessary.
Operate on patients to remove, repair, or improve functioning of diseased or injured body parts.
Collects, records, 'and maintains patient information, such as medical' history, reports, and examination results.
Refers patients to medical specialists or other practitioners when necessary.
Plans, implements, or administers health programs or standards at the dispensary and community for prevention, or treatment of injury or illness.
Directs and coordinates activities of staff at the Dispensary
Prepares reports for Government or Management on the birth, death, and disease statistics, or medical status of individuals as directed in the Government Health Management Information Systems (MTUHA).
Conduct research and development of test medications, treatments, or procedures to prevent, or control disease or injury.
Promotes Family planning and health education to staff and the Community including disease prevention.
Plan and coordinate prevention treatment programs for HIV/AIDS and PMTCT including voluntary counseling and testing.
Holder of Doctor of Medicine degree from a recognized University.
Must be registered by the Tanganyika Medical Council as a Medical Doctor with one year internship.
At least 2 years' experience post internship.
An attractive compensation package based on performance and commensurate with the responsibility will apply to the successful candidates. -All positions terms of employment are performance based fixed contract.


If you are interested in the positions, apply by sending a brief application letter, clearly stating why you should be considered for the position and how you will add value. With the letter, concise curriculum vitae should be enclosed showing briefly your achievement /accomplishments for you to deserve to be considered for the position.
Deadline: 11 th September, 2015
Applications should be addressed to:

P. 0 BOX 9024,