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The ONIMAS Shopifier core team is declaring for sales and marketing positions (maximum of five (5) individuals) who can effort and assist in promoting the ONIMAS Shopifier software.

ONIMAS Shopifier software: This is a computer program (system) functioned in Kiswahili, that has been developed so as to as analyze, manage business and inventory operations such as expiry, movements and trends of items, manage costs, calculate cashes, analyze extra revenues and expenditures, prepare, examine, and analyze accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.
Other tasks are storing all stakeholders (customers, vendors and employees) information and details such as customer orders, invoices, balances, etc.  

Nafasi za kazi NECTA Nafasi ziko Nyingi

§     Achieve sales and marketing operational objectives through strategic plans and completing action plans; implementing quality customer-service standards; resolving problems and identifying trends for business growth.
      Construct network and build relationships with potential and past clients to secure business opportunities.
      Develop cost effective plans for advertising, sales promotion and public relations.
      Develop and implement appropriate strategies by selecting, segmenting and targeting markets.
      Making simple software installation and demonstrating the customers on the system apply.
Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Necessities
      Creativity with excellent communication skills.
      Presentable and persuasive personality that reflects an image of professionalism. Attention to details necessary for marketing techniques.
      Should currently living in Mwanza.
      Possessing a Laptop and basic knowledge in computer program applications such as MSWords, Internet, etc. is considered necessary.

Nafasi za Kazi CCBRT

Note: you will have a nonstop percentage share that will depend on the memorandum of understand. 
If you’re interested, send your detailed CV to johnfischerbrchrd@gmail.com not later than 31st August 2015.