Careers at NMB

National Microfinance Bank Plc. (NMB) is the largest bank in Tanzania, both when ranked by customer base and branch network. With over 150 branches NMB is located in more than 90% of Tanzania's districts. This broad branch network distinguishes NMB from other financial institutions in Tanzania. NMB is committed to sustaining and enhancing the branch network in order to provide access to financial services to citizens in all areas of Tanzania, with special focus on rural areas.

Achieving your ambitions at NMB

NMB is committed to doing everything in our power to help our clients achieve their ambitions. We fulfill this pledge by giving you maximum scope to carry out your work with an enterprising spirit. Plus we provide you with a world of opportunities for personal growth within a culture that is based on co-operation. Because at NMB, we know that you can accomplish more together than alone. If these values and commitments match your ambitions, we are enthusiastic to find out whether you are the right person to become part of the NMB family.

Are you what we are looking for?

If the answer is yes, then you can express your interest by detailing your experience, qualifications and preference in your application for a great career opportunity with NMB. You can use our job search to view available positions and apply for a job once you find a position that interests you.

Recruitment at NMB

NMB is an equal opportunity employer. NMB uses creative recruitment practices that ensure all applicants are carefully evaluated.
We are dedicated to finding exciting career opportunities for you in a variety of fields. Once you have applied with us we successfully match your CV and covering letter with the positions you are looking for. Should you be successful you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment for an interview. We will try our best to give feedback to potential applicants within two weeks. If you are successful on your first interview, you may be invited to attend a second interview, or some additional evaluation procedures, depending on the position as well as the requirements of the particular business.

At NMB, we believe that career advancement is important, and we therefore give you the chance to fully develop yourself in such a way that you can work with pleasure, satisfaction and recognition and your capacities are fully utilized.

There are numerous career opportunities within NMB. It is a large and varied organization, including over 2,800 employees in Tanzania. Each employee establishes a personal development plan together with his/her manager. This is a plan with concrete actions in order to help you further your development.

If you do not know exactly what you want in the future, then a coaching course or career course can help you find the way. Taking your own responsibility in this process plays an important role.