Muhimbili Haematology Programme (MHP) is based in Muhimbili University of Health & Allied
Sciences, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and is a clinical and laboratory based research group conducting long term follow up of the Muhimbili Sickle Cohort (MSC).

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Closing On:
Friday, 29th January 2016
Friday, 5th February 2016
Category:Information Technology
Location:Dar es salaam
At Muhimbii Hospital
Job Type:Full Time
Duration:1 Year
Job Description:
DATA MANAGER: An experienced person is required to fulfil the following role:
1. Work with our collaborators to design and implement an improved data capture & management system based upon MySQL and PHP.
2. To develop and oversee processes to clean and migrate existing data to the new database.
3. To design and implement further quality assurance processes and documentation regarding data collection and management.
4. To assist in developing research and resource applications to funders to support the further development of MHP infrastructure and local skills in designing tools for data collection and management and in maximising the utility of the data collected – including the handling and analysis of large data sets including whole genome sequencing data.
Preferred Skills:
Essential requirements: (1) Experience of designing or modifying research data capture systems and relational database applications, preferably in a health research setting;(2) High level skill and recent experience in reading and writing PHP, SQL; MySQL and preferably also Postgressql; (3) Experience in managing and training junior staff; (4) Excellent written and spoken English.
The position requires excellent communication skills, self motivation and confidence. The position is for 1 year.
Desirable requirements: Experience of working in a linux-based network environment.
Further information regarding MHP and detailed job descriptions should be obtained from our web Muhimbili-Wellcome Programme
Applicants should send their CV's, scanned copies of transcripts/certificates and a cover letter outlining their suitability as per the job description to by 16:00hrs Friday 5thFebruary 2016.