Job Title:
Project Accountant 

Job Grade:
Reports to:
Team Leader, Finance & Administration 
Employment category:
3 Year Renewable Contract
Duty Station:
Purpose of the Job: 
To provide financial support to the Project Team Leader CARI Tanzania Program to implement project’s activities related to achieving the objectives stated in the project document - Calorie and Household Incomes from Potatoes Sub-sector (CHIPS) and the agreement with Comic Relief by following management guidelines and administrative and financial rules.
Specific Responsibilities:
  SOURCE:::  Mkaguzi Blog 
1.      Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the defined specifications, the Project Accountant will ensure that the Project Team follows all key administrative and financial guidelines, compliance and policies in the effective implementation of CHIPS Project. This includes ensuring procurement, recruitment, human resource management, financial compliances, accounting procedures and other key organizational activities are in compliance with the policies and guidelines of Kilimo Trust and donor guidelines. 
Major responsibilities of the Project Accountant will include, but not limited to:
2.      Key Responsibilities 
a)    collect invoices/bills and make payment ensuring the prevailing financial rules and regulations of the project 
b)   keep financial documents and records to meet the organizational and project requirements,
c)    report to Kilimo Trust on the financial performance on periodic basis,
d)   operate the bank account(s), prepare drafts and arrange for bank transfers against the payment of services and supplies as necessary,
e)    calculate any relevant taxes and deduct from the source while making payment,
f)     make advance payment of travel allowance, per diem and travel advance, g) handle petty cash,
h)   reconcile bank accounts and report to the Team Leader,
i)     providing status of budget and expenditure on quarterly basis or as and when required,
j)      keeping project staff aware and informed of changes to accounting system/structure/ procedures through training/presentation,
k)   managing for purchase of the supplies, materials, equipment and physical facilities,
l)     assist in the process of financial and project annual audits and; 
m) provide administrative support to Project Team Leader 
n)   Assist in carrying out due diligence with new sub-grantees
o)   Review the Financial Report from Grantee and provide feedback
p)   Emphasize on spending in adherence to the Budget.
q)   Perform any other duties and responsibilities as required by the Team Leader 
  SOURCE:::  Mkaguzi Blog