East African Development Bank has launched the EADB Math, Science, Technology and Engineering University Scholarship Program, in partnership with The Africa-America Institute. Scholarships will be available to experienced teachers and lecturers with a bachelor’s degree in math, science, technology and engineering with an interest in pursuing a graduate degree in those fields in the United States at Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology, world-class universities less than an hour away from New York City.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be:
A university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree with First Class/Upper Second Honours in Mathematics, Sciences or Engineering
Under 40 years of age and a citizen of the EADB Member States: Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
Experienced Teachers and Lecturers of tertiary institutions, secondary schools, and polytechnics with at least 3 years full-time teaching experience
Working full-time in public, government owned educational institutions
Committed to returning to their home country, to teach in a public government owned institution which is a mandatory requirement
Diligent in successfully completing the application process by the allotted deadlines at Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology
This fully funded scholarship will provide full tuition, room and living expenses within a stipulated budget.
A citizen of the EADB member states of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Willing to returning to their home country to teach in a public educational institution.
A qualified scholarship recipient will receive:
Full tuition, room and board plus living expenses and student’s annual health insurance so to pursue a Master’s degree in math and engineering.
Round-trip ticket to the USA at the beginning of the program and back to their home country in East Africa after the completion of the program.
Information about internships at top American and local companies working in Africa.
How do I apply for the scholarship?
Send your application to EADB/AAI to email, EADB@aaionline.org, with the below information. All submissions must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Terms and conditions apply. Application deadline is January 25, 2016.
Your name, age, and contact information including physical address
A copy of your Bachelors degree
Your final grades
One page essay on how you imagine the masters level education would advance your own career; and how you would then make a positive impact in advancing STEM skills development in your home country; also specify why you should be added to the pool of the applicants who can apply to Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology
Letter of support from your employer committing to employ you on completion of studies.
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