Technical Skills:
1. Excellent with
Computer technical repairs and trouble shooting, Network operators, web designers/developers.
2. Installing new programs and up-t0-date, and providing technical support as needed.
3. Knowledge in Photoshop and or Corel is an advantage
4. Excellent in Data analytics
3 - 5 Years
Dar Es Salaam


Ø Complete knowledge in She/he can provide customer support and problem solving methods. And have the skills using technology to perform research on a company's computer-related activities.
Ø Must have strong analytical, technical and quick thinking skills.
Ø Information technologists oversee the software and its components.
Ø Knowledge and skills in upgrading the software or producing new methods or applications.
Ø Responsible for the design procedures of hardware, applications and other systems.
Ø Ability to be a Network administrators working for businesses by performing duties related to and in support of their computer systems.
Ø Responsible for keeping all computers up-to-date, installing new programs, and providing technical support as needed.
Ø Knowledge in Photoshop and or Corel is an advantage
Ø Should be able to communicate clearly in English.
Ø An interest in business systems and finding creative solutions to business problems
Ø Ability to think logically and creatively to analyze problems
Ø Ability to handle the stress of deadlines and working on several projects at the same time
Ø Ability to express technical concepts clearly to people with no technical background
Ø Good personal interaction skills
Ø Ability to work alone or as a member of a team
Ø An interest in keeping up-to-date with new developments in the field
Education / Training
Must have a degree in Information Technology and certificate programs related to computer programming and systems analysis offered by universities, colleges, technical institutes and private vocational institutions .

May apply send CV with picture at:

Last date of submission: January 15, 2016