EMASCOD is a registered non-governmental organization with registration No. 00007714. It was
established by a group of Tanzania university graduates of 2014 for the purpose of utilizing their professional skills on the fields of community development, environmental science and management, agriculture, forestry and other related fields to promote sustainable community development in Tanzania.
Our mission to is to foster sustainable community development by enhancing environmental management through innovative and creative practice on water and sanitation, energy resources, climatic changes, land degradation and protected areas on the basis of resource efficiency, efficiency waste management and improved environmental practice.
EMASCOD is now looking for self motivated Tanzania University graduate to volunteer on different positions for the upcoming horticulture project entitled “Enhance small scale farmers of fruits and vegetable strengthen their economy”. The goal of the project is to enhance the ability of small scale farmers of vegetable and fruits to increase and sustain agricultural production for improved household food security, nutrition and strengthening economy while at the same time safeguarding the environment by adopting sustainable agricultural practices and appropriate technologies
The applicant should be a Tanzania graduate with experience in horticulture, crop science and production, agribusiness and any relevant agriculture skills. The applicant should be self motivated, hard working, should be available at any time.

1.      Horticulture Field officers (2 position)
Bachelor degree in horticulture on any other related and with experience in crop production
Key responsibilities
Overall organization, coordination, supervision, and monitoring of the field activities for the project
2.      Marketing officer.(1 position)
Bachelor degree in agribusiness, agro economics, and any other relevant qualification from recognized institution
Key responsibilities
Development of business plan, market design and search, distribution and delivery of products to customers.
Develop capacity of farmers’ organization to have up dated information of markets and access to market and all other task concerned with the position
If your eligible Please send your application  via e-mail:
emascodtz@gmail.com or j6.masha@gmail.com before 10th January, 2016. Applications should be enclosed in a single document i.e  Cover letter and CV, do not send certificates