Job Title: Head of Institutional Banking
Reporting to: Chief Wholesale Banking
Job Level: Level 7
Job Purpose
Responsible for deposit generation from Institutional customer base and cross selling senior manager and relationship managers in strategizing coordinating and execution of all activities of the team in order to maximize the value of the business relationship.
Main Responsibilities
•    Develops and nurtures strategic relationships with institutional customers to ensure that the strategy and business objectives of the client and bank are achieved.
•    Continually reviews and recommends improvements and adaptations to the target market, banks product, service offerings staff complement, performance standards set for the Institutional banking unit, priding, and institutional banking team.
•    Identifies improvements and adaptations to existing systems and processes in order to ensure current and future viability of the institutional banking unit.
•    Overall responsibility for each member of the instructional banking team understands the banks strategy and business objectives and the role that they play in achieving the strategy and business objectives.
•    In depth understanding the financial service trends and institutional banking practice both nationally and internationally.
•    Develops an intimate understanding of the clients industry and business, management practices,judgment of various influential decision makers, and market conditions affecting the long-term viability identify opportunities and threats to the ridk assessment specialists.
•    Utilizes management information systems and processes to pre-empt selling opportunities and proactively identify opportunities and threats to the clients and the bank.
•    Contributes knowledge of the client to the function of risk assessment, and provides insights into the mitigating or cautionary factors to the risk assessment specialists.
•    Identifies a “champion” within the clients business that fosters the relationship to create an information edge about the clients business objective, opportunities and threats.
•    Ensures that the team communication is open and ongoing, initiates and coordinates social activities for the institutional banking team and inter-related business units in the bank in order to enhance team building, cooperation and staff morale.
•    Conforms to the banks risk policies and procedures.
•    Identifies knowledge gaps within the institutional banking tam and coordinates and drives the training initiatives within the institutional banking unit.
•    To ensure that barriers to business development that emanate from sales and service delivery dissatisfaction are identified and strategies are developed to overcome these problems with the relevant members of the team and client.
•    Develops good personal relationships with the heads of the inter-related business units within the bank to ensure dose cooperation between the units.

•    Fluent in verbal and written communication in English.
•    Ability and exposure to network with high ranking officials.
•    Good understanding of polices, procedures and regulatory requirement.
•    Advanced understanding on relationship management principles and practice.
•    Having knowledge of various banks products/transactional.
•    Group dynamics and team building skills – knows how to leverage the expertise of the team.
•    Comfortable with conducting presentations/negotiating business with customers/group forums.
•    Able to analyze and communicate research findings/management information data to others.
•    Good knowledge of word, excel and powerpoint

Qualifications and Experience
•    Degree/postgraduate degree in financial and/or management field related field.
•    5+ years experience in wholesale banking and at least 2 years in senior position.

Mode of Application
Send you motivation letter and curriculum vitae (CV) before 15th January, 2016 to: Advert@nmbtz.com

Source: Daily News 24th December, 2015