DAI has been contracted by DFID to implement the 5 Year FoodTrade East and Southern Africa (FTESA)
Programme. FTESA will be based in Dar es Salaam, and will cover the nine countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda (East Africa) and Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe (Southern Africa). FoodTrade ESA will systemically improve the functioning of national and regional staple food market systems; impacting directly on over 400,000 households and consumers through stable markets for staple food products. It will achieve this through the establishment of a Project Management Unit (PMU) to foster catalytic and innovative solutions through the use of two facilitative tools: a Challenge and Development Fund.
FoodTrade ESA uses a market-based approach to working with enterprises to promote the participation of poor men and women in wealth creation and improving the benefits they gain from engaging in staple food trade. As such, FTESA is concerned with the functioning of staple foods markets, and the need to overcome market failures to achieve systematic change that would create opportunities for more smallholder producers to participate in formalized, functioning markets. FTESA uses market-friendly mechanisms to leverage on ‘enterprise contribution’ to development through sharing the risk burden where commercial risk is too high. Foodtrade focuses on innovations in areas such as improved storage, inputs and service markets, information and coordination mechanisms and policy and regulation with the aim to get more people trading in regional staple food markets. FoodTrade ESA’s vision is to unlock trade across borders and across the region to get more food to more people.
The programme would like to recruit two interns:
  • Intern 1: Administrative Assistant (AA) – S/he will work alongside the Project Accountant providing logistical support to the project team.
  • Intern 2: Communication Assistant (CA) – S/he will work alongside the Project Coordinator/Communications providing media/press support
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Assist staff with travel advances and claims;
  3. Provide staff with logistical support;
  4. Manage and continuously update the FoodTrade ESA contact list;
  5. Receive visitors and direct them appropriately;
  6. Manage office space which includes necessary maintenance, upkeep and cleanliness as well as related business relationships;
  7. Ensure operation of office equipment including reviewing maintenance requirements, arranging for necessary repairs, maintaining equipment inventories and evaluating new equipment;
  8. Maintain stock records for stationery and supplies for the office, working with suppliers and verifying receipt of supplies and requisitioning in line with office procedures ( supplies register);
  9. Collect and analyse account information for more cost effective decision making;
  10. Assist in preparing forecasts for monthly office expenditures;
  11. Any other additional reasonable duties as assigned by the Project Accountant.
  12. Communication Assistant
  13. Assist to organise events;
  14. Assist project staff with travel arrangements and bookings;
  15. Post and keep social media content/news about the project up to date;
  16. Follow up on success stories and project updates from technical staff and grants team;
  17. Generate success story ideas and research;
  18. Gather interesting Trade and Agribusiness related news pieces for the Project News Round-Up;
  19. Input client data into the Technical and Administrative Management Information System (TAMIS) software and assist with data collation and reports as required;
  20. Any other additional reasonable duties as assigned by the Project Coordinator/Communications.
  • Must have a diploma/degree in the field of administration or communication;
  • Competent at working within a team and under pressure;
  • Proficient in relevant computer applications and databases;
  • Fluent English;
  • Ability to collect and analyse data;
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision and in a multicultural setting;
  • Must be eligible to work in Tanzania
Anticipated Project Start Date: 1 August 2015
Project Location: Dar es Salaam
Applicaiton Deadline:26 July 2015