Solar, Arusha, Tanzania 
Think you speak data? The Ideal candidate will own the technical design, implementation, and maintenance of an easy to use and accurate data warehouse
Reporting Structure   
Reporting To;    Product Manager
Supervision Of;    Data analyst
Interacts With;    Operational Department, Regional Managers
Job Description     
•     Translate the operation of the business into a database
•    Build the reporting model which reflects reality
•     Anticipate the need for information before it is requested... build a little extra into the data source...

•    Prevent data loss: ensure our replication is healthy, our backups are plentiful and our queries are returning as they should be.
•    Demonstrate interest in and deep understanding of core business problems and challenges unique to the industry
•     Ensure data is available to the relevant areas of the businesses and teams in an actionable and usable way
•    Be instrumental in building a data-driven DNA for the organisation
Candidate Specification   
Experience;    3 years
Education Level    ; Degree
Qualifications;     Proficiency in SQL, ETL, Kimball database architecture
Knowledge Of;     Data Mining & Designing
Skills To;     Think outside of the box,
Ability To;     Mentor and Lead a team
Personality;     Innovative, Creative
Industry;    Solar
Culture;     Multicultural
Gender Profile;     Mixed
Age Profile;    Between 30 and 55 years of age
Terms And Conditions   
Employment;    Permanent
Location;    Arusha, Tanzania
Remuneration;     Negotiable