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Appointment of directors to constitute the board of directors of stamico

The desire to appoint a Competent Board of Directors

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania as mandated under the Public Corporations Act and, in that on behalf of the Shareholder of State Mining Corporation (STAMICO), would like to recruit able and competent Tanzanians to constitute and serve in the Board of Directors of STAMICO.
It is desired that upon their appointment as such as required under the Law, members ofthe Board of Directors of STAMICO will lead and govern this strategic Corporation to highest levels of performance in terms of: investing strategically in the mining industry and provide quality services in the management of mines, exploration, drilling, consultancies and other related business particularly to the artisanal and small scale miners for the benefit of the present and future generations.
It is expected that under the governance of this Board of Directors, STAMICO shall go forward in recording desirable positive contributions to the wellbeing of the Nation at all respects; thus, satisfying the needs and desires of its shareholder, the Government; investors; customers; development partners; and other stakeholders.
In these regards, the Ministry shall closely monitor the performance of the Board of Directors as required under the Law, and in line with pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPls). The KPls shall reflect the expectation 'outlined in major policy documents of the Government, the law governing the sector, STAMICO's contractual obligations and those of its customers and other stakeholders.

1. Experience: a candidate must have extensive experience (not less than 10 years) in his/her professional career and must demonstrate positive track record of performance in management in either public or private service, or both. An ideal candidate should have sufficient experience to fully appreciate and understand the responsibilities of a director in a challenging company like STAMICO;

2. International Experience: experience working in either senior management or as director in international organization/corporations relevant to the Mining industry will be considered as an advantage to a candidate's profile;
3. Individual Character and Integrity: a candidate must be a person of highest moral and ethical character, impeccable record and integrity. Also a candidate must exhibit independence and demonstrate personal commitment to serve in the Corporation's and public interests:

4. Personal Qualities: a candidate must have personal qualities that will enable him/her to make substantial active contribution in the Board's decision-making process. These qualities include intelligence, self-assuredness, independence, highest ethical standing, practical knowledge to corporate governance standards, willingness to ask difficult questions, inter-personal skills, proficiency in communication skills and commitment to serve,

5. Knowledge of the Sector: a candidate must have sufficient knowledge of STAMICO's work and situation and issues affecting the Mining sector in Tanzania. Also a candidate must-have particular knowledge of STAMICO's or rather, the mining sector's stakeholder's desires, needs and challenges, like those of the Government, development partners, investors, regulators, customers etc.
6. Courage: a candidate must be able and willing to make right decisions at all times, even if the same would make the person look difficult or unpopular;
7. Availability: a candidate must be willing to commit, as well as have, sufficient time available to discharge his or her duties as member of the Board of Directors. Therefore, a desirable candidate should not have other corporate board memberships;
8. Compatibility: a candidate should be able to develop good working relationship with other members of the Board of Directors and members of senior management of the Company; and
Conflict of Interest: a candidate must not be in a position of conflict of interest with Corporation's activities

Invitation to apply: the Ministry invites candidates who possess the mentioned qualifications and qualities to apply to be considered for appointment as directors and serve in the Board of Directors of STAMICO. Those who applied and interviewed previously are encouraged to re-apply.
Applications from Public Servants will not be considered.
Interested candidates must write and submit their applications by , 11th March, 2016 demonstrating their respective qualifications and qualities, attaching Photostat copies of their testimonials and detailed CVs

The Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Energy and Minerals,
5 Samora Machel Avenue,
P.O. Box 2000,