Job Title: Fundraising and Communications Officer

Responsible to: Founder; Board of Directors

Location of Post: Moshi

Terms of Contract: At least 1 year with a probation period of 3 months; full-time

Job Purpose: To support the Founder with communications, fundraising, research, and other administrative tasks in order to diversify sources of funding and to further the reach and scope of The Toa Nafasi Project on an international level.

Organizational Overview: The Toa Nafasi Project is a charitable organization (with 501(c)3 status in the United States) that was conceived in 2007 and incorporated in 2012 in response to the uniform approach to education in Tanzania. 

Toa nafasi means “provide a chance” in Swahili, and addresses the fact that without reform in the education sector that acknowledges each pupil’s individuality, many 

Tanzanian students will not achieve their full potential.  The ultimate objective of The Toa Nafasi Project is to re-envision the future of all Tanzanian schoolchildren.  Each child is an individual with diverse aptitudes and different learning styles.  Building on this fundamental concept, The Toa Nafasi Project addresses the needs of primary schoolchildren in Tanzania to assess their abilities, cultivate strengths and resolve weaknesses.  We work with teachers, parents, and the community at large to enrich the classroom experience and devise innovative and inspiring teaching methodologies that encourage participation and critical thinking.  We aim to enable these children to succeed in school, attain gainful employment across various fields, become productive members of their community, and help advance their country as a whole. 

For more information, please visit our website ( and blog (  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

·        Understand the organization and inner workings of the Project by spending time on-the-ground and at the school sites. 

·        Develop a portfolio of marketing and fundraising materials through regular submersion in Project activities in order to enhance future promotion of Toa Nafasi. 
·        Improve financial resources by strengthening donor relations and establishing new relationships through fundraising.  Also, to seek a more sustainable system for funding The Toa Nafasi Project’s activities. 
·        Research appropriate grant opportunities, prepare and submit proposals, including the preparation of financial materials.
·        Raise the profile of The Toa Nafasi Project on social media, managing and developing all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram with buffered articles and original content.
·        Support the Founder with daily operations as requested.
·        Develop appropriate Special Education learning materials and displays such as signage for the classrooms, nametags, calendars, and book covers.
·        Design, implement, and manage a Monitoring and Evaluation system with the support of the Founder and Research and Development team.
·        Undertake research regarding the work of other relevant organizations and, with the assistance of the Founder, establish and develop appropriate partnerships.
·        Data entry and file-keeping.
·        Support Toa Nafasi volunteers.
·        Help to update the website.

Required Skills:
·        A background in international development is desired.
·        Strong written and verbal communication skills.  Excellent English essential, knowledge of Swahili desired.
·        Computer proficient in Microsoft Windows Suite, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
·        Working knowledge of social media outlets preferred.
·        Experience of grant writing preferable.
·        Experience of compiling budgets and financial reports desirable.
·        Ability to work independently and with excellent self-discipline essential.  Must be able to take initiative.
·        Excellent time management skills required.
·        Willingness to take on a range of different tasks.
·        Knowledge of M&E procedures a plus.
·        Knowledge of Special Education Needs and current best practice an advantage.
·        Ability to work under pressure and occasionally in challenging circumstances a must, adapting to the needs of a growing organization, multi-tasking.
·        Ability to work as part of a team essential.
·        Work experience not less than 2 years.
·        Organized and efficient with a proactive and flexible style of work.  Honesty and integrity essential.
·        Detail oriented and with knowledge of statistics a plus for data entry.

To Apply: This is an ideal opportunity for a candidate looking to develop a career in international development at a grassroots level.  Interested candidates should send their CV with a covering letter explaining why they are suitable for the post and net salary expectation.  All applications should be emailed to by April 30, 2016.