Head of Governance & Controls

The Head of Governance & Controls that we are looking for will be responsible for monitoring and overseeing the implementation of controls in the areas of IT, operations and facilities. Part of accountabilities include IT administration, IT governance, Record & Information Security Management (RISM), coordinating compliance, governance and controls activities related to Facilities management (OSHA) and payments.

Records Manager
The Records Manager that we are looking for will be responsible for planning, developing and administering Enterprise Records Management (ERM) policies, designed to facilitate effective and efficient handing of business records across the bank. Key driver in Plans development and implementation of records management policies and framework intended to standardize records capturing, filing, storage and protecting, retrieving, destruction, reporting of all physical and electronic records.
Coordinating  and directing archival activities including  reports analysis and supporting technical, clerical and scanning of archived documents.
Evaluating staff reports, utilizing knowledge of principles of records management, administrative processes and systems, cost control, governmental/Bank of Tanzania  record keeping requirements and organizational objectives.

Senior Manager, Multilateral Organizations - Agribusiness

The Senior Manager, Multilateral Organizations - Agribusiness that we are looking for will be responsible for the conceptualization, strategy planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation part. Part of accountabilities include:
  • Building relationships with the private sector, government institutions (both local and national) and key actors in the agribusiness sector in Tanzania, like donors, NGO’s, embassies, ppp-initiatives etc; mobilizing resources/ efforts and developing synergies that would support development of the agribusiness sector.
  • Developing strategies, processes, tools and materials that are needed to facilitate engagement and execution of partnerships. Part of this assignment will be establishing necessary partnerships with mentioned key actors that support development of agribusiness. The position holder will also establish partnerships to support access to market for the producer organization, service providers and processors for agribusiness products as well as farm inputs and services.
  • To work at a senior level, with senior officials from regional and national organizations and the key actors to link programs/activities and exchange information, generate strategies; establish structure and support in implementation of activities. Purpose of these linkages is to enhance coordination and effectiveness of programs and maximize outreach. Aim is the generation of focused and effective support for the agribusiness sector for example related to building capacity, market studies, advisory activities to the relevant Government institutions etc.