Position :-  IT  Manager
Location : - Tanzania

Job Description :-
Main purpose of the position:
Ensure the streamlined operation of the IT Department in alignment with the business objectives of the organization. Plan, coordinate, direct, and design IT-related activities of the organization, as well as provide administrative direction and support for daily operational activities of the IT department.

Is also the ERP Manager and oversees general function of the Navision Organization ensuring that Navision related projects run smoothly

1.    Key responsibilities:

 i.        To manage the Company IT portfolio;

 ii.        To prepare the IT strategy in line with the business plans and preparation of the department’s annual budgets;

 iii.        To ensure the development, integration and deployment of information (IT) technologies that are designed to improve customer experience within the company;

 iv.        To implement a continuous measurement, review, audit and benchmarking process to monitor the security, capacity and performance of IT and communication systems;

 v.        To develop and implement all IT policies and procedures, including those for architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, purchasing, and service provision;

 vi.        To ensure the security of data from internal and external attack;

 vii.        To maintain data integrity and data analysis;

viii.        To customize existing reports and design new reports from Navision, VIP payroll;

 ix.        Network administration, hardware maintenance, software and windows maintenance;

 x.        To ensure effective internet distribution, accessibility and band width management and central anti-virus protection;

 xi.        Ensure database management and follow backup procedures, with online and offline backups and disaster recovery;

 xii.        Ensure connection and maintenance of the branches to the head office database and IT systems;

xiii.        Email domain administration and ensue email set up and back up;

xiv.        To ensure the creation and maintenance of all written documentation, including system and user manuals, license agreements, and documentation of modifications and upgrades;
xv.        Negotiate and administer supplier contracts and service agreements;
xvi.        Ensure maintenance of CCTV cameras with on time download/back up of footage
xvii.        To ensure effective functioning of technical hardware i.e. servers, computers, photocopiers, switchboard, printers and any other technical hardware purchased by the company and software packages ensuring minimum downtime;

xviii.        Manage the performance of the IT staff;

xix.        To keep current with the latest technologies and determine what new technology solutions and implementations will meet business and system requirements.

 2.    Budgetary responsibility:

a.    Responsible for preparation and monitoring of the department’s annual budgets

 3.    Procurement responsibility:

a.    Approver of all IT procurements

b.    Responsible for guidance of the procurement team in ensuring the IT hardware/software policies are adhered to during procurement

c.    Recommendation to management in key IT project engagements

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