Department:           Internal Audit
 Job Title:                  Internal Auditor
Unit:                           Internal Audit
Reports to:               Head of Internal Audit
Supervises:              None
Date:                          March 2016

Job Purpose:

Internal Auditor reports directly to Head of Internal Audit. He/She is responsible in assisting the Head of Internal Audit in conducting PSI wide risk assessment and developing annual Internal Audit Plans. He/She   provides assistance in   reviewing and appraising the soundness, adequacy, and application of accounting, financial, and other operating controls and promoting effective internal controls at reasonable cost.
Furthermore, he/she is responsible in ascertaining extent of compliance with established policies, plans and procedures. Also, he/she is responsible for examining the extent to which the PSI’s assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds.
Moreover, she/he assists the Head of Internal Audit in determining the reliability of management data/information developed within PSI

KRA –Internal Audit Activities
        i.            Assist the Head of Internal Audit in conducting risk assessments for, and the development of, annual Internal Audit Plans.
      ii.            Test and document the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems of internal controls in the area of finance and operations. Review the reliability and integrity of financial information and the means used to identify measure, classify and report such information.
    iii.            Review the means of safeguarding assets and, as appropriate, verify the existence of such assets.
    iv.            Review operations and programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals and whether the operations or programs are being carried out as planned.
      v.            Understand the donors’ requirements, country’s laws and regulations, PSI  internal policies and guidelines,  including, but not limited to USAID Rules and Regulations, Global Fund, KFW, URT Income Tax Act (2004) and  URT Procurement Act (2004). Review the established systems to ensure compliance with those policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations which could have a significant impact on operations and reports, and determine whether PSI Tanzania is in compliance and suggest  changes where required.
    vi.            Coach PSI’s staff throughout the audit reviews with the view to ensuring conformity with applicable policies and procedures in all phases of the audit process.
  vii.            Assist in developing and discussing findings, recommendations and time-lines for corrective actions with responsible staff of department audited and monitor the implementation status of agreed recommendations. If the corrective action  is considered unsatisfactory, hold further discussions to achieve acceptable disposition
viii.            Conducts  investigations of  irregularities, fraud, and/or  embezzlement discovered by or brought to the attention of the Internal  Audit function or as directed by the  Senior Management
    ix.            Draft audit reports to be reviewed and approved by the Head of Internal Audit.
     x.            Perform other related duties as determined by the Head of Internal Audit.

Key Performance Indicators
                     i.            Achieving  a platform rating of 4 stars as per GIA review
                   ii.            Elimination of  significant findings by GIA and/or external auditors reviews
                 iii.            Quarterly  review reports
                 iv.            Achieving at   least 40 CPD hours by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors
                   v.             100%  implementation of the  approved Internal Audit Plan
                 vi.            100%  implementation  of the prior audit findings

Academic & Professional Qualification
Holder of CPA / ACCA / CA and a University Degree in Accounting or Finance.

Postgraduate degree such as, MBA is an added advantage

Relevant working experience:   
At least (3) years audit experience from one of the International Big 4 Audit firms. Demonstrate in-depth technical knowledge and direct experience in the field of auditing, including descriptive and inferential statistics

Decision Making
Team work

Nature of Decisions:
Team work

Medium term

Area Coverage
Stationed in Dar es salaam, but involve at least 50% of the time on field-travels within Tanzania.

Decisions made impact the entire organization/country

Consequence of error

Medium Term

Interpersonal Skills:
Contacts with both internal and external stakeholders primarily in the course of implementing the Organisation’s strategy. Relationships require sound communication skills and both discretion and judgement.

Responsibility for human, financial and physical assets
Job is accountable/responsible for resources for the section

Creativity and Innovation:
Medium impact:
Tasks are not always covered by standard routine and procedures and therefore require some amount of original thinking, within the provisions of Organization’s policy.

Nature of the job is that between 30-60 % of it will involve focusing on new and better ways to work.
Lack of creativity could impact on the image of the Organisation among external stakeholders and affect staff morale.

Scope of work:
Routine with variety
Task are guided by the Internal Standards on auditing (IAS), IPPF and NBAA guidelines.